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If you are a movie buff and have seen various movies then do you remember a long board in front of a big TV screen with lots and lots of colorful buttons and panels on it? Well, these are called control panel. This could be the best possible example of explaining you how control panel looks like.

In movies, they were used by villains for their unlawful acts whereas in real life, these are used to ease the task. Generally speaking, control panel, which is also attributed by names like power distribution board, electric control panel, panel board, Electrical Panel Board and lots more, is nothing but is a flat surface, either vertical or horizontal board, which controls or manages the entire supply of electricity to the instruments of a particular project or system.

Control panel comes in sizes and shapes depending on the requirements and needs. There are several specifications that can be added to the existing ones as per the requirement. The usage of the control panel can vary from industry to industry. These control panels can be very simple with few buttons on it to the more complex ones with various buttons and displays to the modern sound facility. Everything that you know can control the power supply that falls under control panel.

Mostly, these control panels are seen where there is a need to control a lot of tools and machines at one go. This helps the person to control the entire machine through one desk. These panels are ready with lots of switches and some analogue instruments which makes work easy. Though, in the recent times, these switches are being replaced by touch screen.

In the touch screen panel, there are many indicating lights. All the wirings are inside the console. Moreover, in the latest version, transformers are erased to allow the current to pass with a lower voltage than the main supply. These additions make the panels more efficient. This fits perfect for those projects where there are several equipments and are connected to a single circuit.

There are various kinds of control panel available in the market today with a lot of integrations, though regular ones consist of the following parts:

Housing: This is nothing but an outer cover that has all the switches, lights and displays. Generally, it is made up of either metal or fabricated plastic. These are painted so that it can prevent any kind chance of electric shock or short circuit.

Main disconnect: This is very important part of a panel which controls the entire controlling switch into one entire unity. This holds importance in any sort of overload or circuit.

Circuit Breakers: When the main disconnect is on, power will flow through various circuit breakers. These circuit breakers will work by tripping down these power flow automatically when there will be overload or any sort of fluctuations. This way, any kind of fire hazards is eliminated.